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Wetter-Center.de - Wetter - Langfristige Wettervorhersagen

Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecast Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecast
Aktuelle Vorhersagen der Hurrikan-Aktivität der nächsten Monate von der Colerado State University
Submitted: 06.08.2008, 19:39
C3S Seasonal Forecasts C3S Seasonal Forecasts
Jahreszeitenprognose des Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)
Submitted: 30.04.2017, 19:01
Donnerwetter.de Langfristprognose Donnerwetter.de Langfristprognose
Langfristprognosen von Donnerwetter.de für die nächsten Monate (inkl. Archiv)
Submitted: 25.07.2011, 01:21
IRI Seasonal Forecasts IRI Seasonal Forecasts
International Research Institute for Climate and Society - Net Assessment Forecasts
Submitted: 29.08.2007, 00:54
La Meteo: Seasonal Forecast La Meteo: Seasonal Forecast
Europaweite Langfristprognose für die nächsten 6 Monate
Submitted: 25.07.2011, 01:18
Langfristprognosen von Lars Thieme Langfristprognosen von Lars Thieme
Statistische Vorhersage für die nächsten 3 Monate
Submitted: 29.08.2007, 00:54
NASA/GMAO Seasonal Forecasts NASA/GMAO Seasonal Forecasts
NASA Global Modelling and Assimilation Office - Experimental Seasonal Forecasts
Submitted: 29.10.2016, 21:24
NCEP Climate Forecast System (CFS) NCEP Climate Forecast System (CFS)
The CFS was developed at the Environmental Modeling Center at NCEP. It is a fully coupled model representing the interaction between the Earth's oceans, land and atmosphere. It became operational at NCEP in August 2004.
Submitted: 28.02.2012, 00:57
North American Multi-Model Ensemble North American Multi-Model Ensemble
The North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) is an experimental multi-model seasonal forecasting system consisting of coupled models from US modeling centers including NOAA/NCEP, NOAA/GFDL, IRI, NCAR, NASA, and Canada's CMC.
Submitted: 19.01.2015, 21:10
Sommerprognose.de Sommerprognose.de
Infos zu langfristigen Wettervorhersagen, u.a. mit Verifikation
Submitted: 01.10.2013, 22:45
UK Met Office Seasonal Indications UK Met Office Seasonal Indications
UK Met Office produces long-range indications for all regions of the globe using a number of different method.
Submitted: 29.10.2016, 21:21
Wetterzentrale Langfrist-Forum Wetterzentrale Langfrist-Forum
Das Diskussionsforum zum Thema Langfristige Wetterprognosen
Submitted: 27.09.2007, 12:23