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Aktuelle Tropenstürme für GoogleEarth Aktuelle Tropenstürme für GoogleEarth
Quelle: Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies Space Science and Engineering Center / University of Wisconsin-Madison
Submitted: 22.02.2011, 23:49
AndroidPIT: Wetter Applikationen AndroidPIT: Wetter Applikationen
Wetter Applikationen für Android Handys
Submitted: 08.11.2009, 00:32
MeteoKit MeteoKit
MeteoKit is a powerful and effective tool to download a great amount of meteorological maps of any type from the various sites that make them available in different flavors, and to automatically compare, catalogue and sort them, according to various criterions.
Submitted: 28.09.2007, 16:23
PC-Wetterstation PC-Wetterstation
Weit verbreitete Windows-Software für Wetterstationen von Huger, ELV und Conrad, mit Internet-Features.
Submitted: 06.08.2007, 14:36
SourceForge.net: Weather Software SourceForge.net: Weather Software
SourceForge.net: Open-Source-Software zum Thema Wetter
Submitted: 06.08.2007, 14:36
Weather and Storm Tracking Tools for Google Earth Weather and Storm Tracking Tools for Google Earth
The current collection contains a global hurricane tracking tool, global cloud maps, severe weather warning data and radar data from NOAA for the US, weather observations for the US from WeatherBonk, a real-time day/night viewing tool, and the global annual lightning flash rate map from NASA.
Submitted: 26.09.2007, 11:46
Weather Pro für iPhone Weather Pro für iPhone
Infos zu Weather Pro, der Wetter-Applikation für das iPhone und den iPod Touch
Submitted: 10.04.2009, 11:18
Weather Watcher Weather Watcher
Desktop-Tool for Windows. Automatically retrieve the current conditions and forecasts, and weather maps for over 77,000 cities world-wide. The current conditions can be quickly viewed by holding your mouse pointer over the Weather Watcher system tray icon.
Submitted: 26.09.2007, 15:37
Wetterdaten für GoogleEarth von NOAA Wetterdaten für GoogleEarth von NOAA
National Weather Data in KML/KMZ formats
Submitted: 22.02.2011, 23:45
YoWindow Weather Monitor YoWindow Weather Monitor
YoWindow displays weather conditions over a nice and peaceful landscape. So you can watch the weather looking at the landscape. Naturally - just like looking out of your window, available for Windows, facebook plugin and website widget.
Submitted: 16.12.2009, 00:18